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Sitting in my chair,  My life Is bland. The mental breakdown is near Then I saw the face of my son. Pillow between us for years, For once, she doesn't think about my needs But I should think about hers, As she's the one who every month b leeds. And I'm an husband, A man should be strong and shall not cry, Though I'm not planning to as my eyes went dry. Once there was love  When she used to call me dear, But now there is no trust, Only an agreement and fear, What will happen to them? So we are just left with blame. For me weekends were good But now those are unbearable, As she is always rude. Mon-Fri is also no good. I don’t blame her for anything though. Yes, she blames me, And in anger, I call her hoe. But not from my heart, As believe it or not I still love her. That’s why we are not apart.  Does she love me? Maybe, as she also bearing me. But I really don’t know. Once we both had dreams, I wanted a post of power, She wanted to become an actress These days we only bri

6 Tips To Overcome Her Rejection Like A Gentleman

      Overcome Rejection Falling in love is easy, asking out is hard. And then if you get rejected, comes the super hard heartbreak. If you are reading this article, that means there is someone you loved. But that someone doesn't want to go into a relationship with you.   That girl you fell in love with may have turned down the proposal politely or she might have used hurtful words. Whatever the case is, read this article till the end, to know what you can do to get over this hardship.   You might have been building a castle in the air about what to do in the future with your beloved. Yet, it turns out that it was nothing but false hope.    However, to soothe the pain let me share some tips that you can follow to overcome this sad state of heartbreak. I hope that after reading this article you'll feel motivated and reinvent the meaning of life.   Overcome Rejection By Writing Down A Letter   Writing a letter can be one of the best ways to overcome a rejection. No, I am not sayi