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6 Effective Ways To Overcome Porn Addiction


You are watching porn, and it becomes your addiction? However, enough is enough, now detoxification is one thing you crave for! Then let me say a word of encouragement. You’ve clicked on this article, and that's done your ⅓ of the work. There are people who have an addiction, which is destroying their life. 

However, they don’t even accept that and do not try to overcome it. So it’s really a bold step, to even click on this article. It shows that you want to overcome porn addiction. You took the first step, the most difficult one, the step of acceptance. That’s why congratulations. 

This article contains all the tips one needs to renounce this bad habit. I’ve included 6 practical and effective ways to overcome porn addiction. After reading this blog and following my advice, you’ll only need perseverance and strong willpower to get yourself a good life, a life without porn. 

Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Acceptance 

The first and foremost step is acceptance. Most people think that it is a common habit, they try to convince themselves by saying, ‘everybody watches porn! So it is normal.’ Yes, it might be normal when the frequency is not insane (however, I would say avoid them completely if possible). If you’re watching porn movies every day and masturbating, I think now the time has come to rethink. 

I am no doctor but can confidently say that it is not good for your health. How? As I also have suffered from this problem. And oh boy, it really makes you energy less, sucks up happiness, and makes you a depressed addicted freak. However, I didn’t let my addiction affect me that severely, as I could see where that path was leading. So before it became a constant compulsion, I handled it. 

Do you know how? I accepted that it is a problem. Though I could have blamed myself for that, and really I’m the only one who’s responsible. But blaming others, or yourself cannot lead you anywhere. So don’t blame, and practice acceptance. Tell yourself, yes it might be happening to me, and I take the responsibility for my misery. However, now I’ll try my best to overcome it!

As you’re reading this article, I guess you did so. But it must be ‘acceptance’, not blaming. Now let’s see some tips to follow after this step is fulfilled.

Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Replace Porn With Movies Or WebSeries

Watching porn will give you dopamine. At first, it might feel good, but after some time, it won’t give you that feeling. The amount will decrease, which makes you crave more, to feel what you’ve felt for the very first time. 

You start watching more and more porn videos, but they won’t give you that pleasure of the first few times. So if it’s happening to you, then congratulations, you’ve successfully completed the course on addiction. This is the way how addiction works. After recognising the pattern, it’ll be easier to find a solution.

One of the things you can do is to replace adult films with good movies or web series (try to ignore A-rated content at first). It’s like giving up cigarettes. You’re replacing it with candy.

And no, movies are not a waste of time! However, that also depends on which type of film you’re watching and with what intent. 

If your goal is only to get entertainment from a movie, then that’s certainly is waste of time. However, if there involved a learning mindset and you’re watching a movie like Shawshank Redemption, then that can be an investment of time. 

Either way, if you’re watching a good film or a bad one, I think that both of them are better than porn. So try to change the habit, and hope that things can become normal.

Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Start Waking Up Early

Okay, if you’re a night owl then it doesn’t gonna be easy. And the first few days might be so difficult that you’ll feel like giving up. But with indefatigable determination, anybody can wake up early. How will it help you with pron addiction?

As sleeping early will decrease your chances of watching porn. And waking up early has its own benefits too. How it can decrease the chances? By creating a good cycle. When you change your sleeping pattern and sleep early for the first day, and go to bed the next day. A feeling of dizziness will engrave your eyes. And that dizziness will help with controlling the urge of masturbating. However, to feel sleepy there are others ways too, which I discussed in the next tips.

So, try to say goodbye to your sleep at five in the morning. But how to wake up early? To do that you first have to sleep early. So try not to use your smartphone before going to bed. At least renounce the phone half an hour ago or at least use it with greyscale mode. Turn on do not disturb or DND. Set an alarm clock and you’re good to go. 

When to wake up? There is a concept of Brahma Muhurta. However, it’s not a specific time of the day. Instead, Brahma Muhurta starts one hour thirty-six minutes before sunrise. And ends forty-six minutes before sunrise. However, there is no rule that you have to wake up at Brahma Muhurta at any cost. I think waking up at five am is enough. 

Taking a shower before sleep on a hot day can also help you to feel sleepy. Splash cold water into to genital area. Read a book. And after waking up early for a few days, it will be relatively easier to fall asleep every night.

To get over a bad addiction you’re starting a good one. I don’t think that it’s a bad option. 


Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Read Books Before Bed

Most people watch porn in bed. Though severely addicted can watch them all the time. However, masturbating maybe sometimes give a good sleep, but sometimes it can disrupt it altogether. So whenever you see yourself staring at your ceiling and slumber ignores your request, then instead of watching a porn movie, read a book. 

It not only utilization of time but also helps you to have a better and deep sleep. This method works for people who feel difficulty in falling asleep and or for porn addicts.

Lock your devices so you cannot access them. Use an app like Forest to set a timer, to help with staying away from the phone. Then open an interesting book and try to read it. Reading a book will make your eyes heavy. After placing your head on the pillow, taking a deep breath and relaxing your body, the land of slumber will summon you.  

How reading a book can help with pron addiction? You’ll need something to busy the monkey mind so it does not nag you to open the smartphone. And as we all know what will happen after unlocking your device!

The urge will enslave your soul and your fingers start to type, your eyes will start watching porn and your hands will help you to masturbate. But after everything ends, a feeling of emptiness will engross your mind. So with all might, one thing is to be done. To stop the hands from unlocking the device. Reading a book can save you from this misfortune. 

Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Exercise And Meditate 

When your body and mind will be active and healthy, masturbating and watching porn will become less appealing. It also does not only help you with getting over this addiction. But working out has many benefits. 

That’s why if you don’t have a gym membership, take one. Or if you don’t want to go to a gym then I think, pace walking and running are enough. However, many people start with enthusiasm but after a few days or even one day, that fades away. You have to be persistent. And working out can become fun.

However, physical workouts won’t do the full thing. You also have to prepare your brain. So that it can fight the urge of watching porn. We suffer in our life because we don’t have control over our emotions. Rather these days, our emotions control us. So that’s why it’s not only important but necessary to train your brain.

But what type of workout to perform? There are many workouts for the brain. Like solving puzzles, doing maths or reasoning problems, reading classic novels etc. But if you want to control your emotions then doing only those won’t work. To control your emotions, you have to meditate. 

‘I don’t have time!’ Ok, but you have time to watch porn! You can work out your schedule and give time to this necessity. You need it, like air water and food! 

However, try doing it in the morning, but anytime is good. You can also, and should, meditate before sleeping for better sleep.

Overcome Your Porn Addiction: Take Refuge In Love

The best way to give up porn is to take refuge in love. Fall in love with somebody. Ok, I know it’s not that I say and you will do. Falling in love can take time. Or it’s hard to find out someone who matches your mental picture of the one (in that case it can be instantaneous).

I know this tip cannot be followed right away. However, when you find someone, and fall in love, porn will become obsolete in that equation. True love has the power to give constant motivation to achieve anything. So if the love is true, then taking a pledge to give up porn can be certainly effective and become a child's game.  

It’s not good to watch porn for a healthy relationship. So this pledge can be worth the time. If you are already in love or even married, then try to find out what is the reason that forces you to watch porn. Have a healthy conversation with your partner. Try to rekindle the fire of love buried under the numerous obligations of a relationship. And Kindle that forgotten flame again.

So this was the article. I hope it was helpful. If it is then don’t forget to share it with your friend and family. I hope we will meet again. Thank you. 


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