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6 Practical Tips To Control Your Anger

6 Practical Tips To Control Your Anger 

Anger is something that can make your life a living hell. It is not only harmful to your mental and physical health, but also to the others who live around you. So if you know how to control anger, it is quite a good skill.

In this blog post, I'm going to share 6 tips to control your anger. Of which, the can use three on the spot. The other three are aimed to provide a complete solution.

I intentionally only included a few tips. As I think they are enough, and after following them I am quite sure that controlling your rage will become easier. So I felt, there is no need for extra suggestions to include.

Now, without wasting any more time, let's see the 6 practical tips to control your anger.

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Think Before You Do

It's hard to make a relationship strong. It may take years and decades. But to break it, we only need some moments of temper and wrong actions. So thinking before speaking or taking a wrong action, is very important.

When you get angry at something, it is difficult to keep the self-calm. And in that state we make bad decisions. So it's not only important but crucial to calm down before taking any measures.

As that one moment can destroy your life. So try not to get angry in the first place. But if something causes you to rage, then just stop for a bit and think. What you are about to do, is it really worth it? Will it really gonna help you or make things worse?

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Have a Deep Breath

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But old doesn't mean that it is obsolete. So, if you want to control your rage, then count to ten or have some deep breaths.

This trick actually works quite well. It's about controlling your emotions. Ask yourself, what goes up when you get angry at something? The breaths! We start to take heavy breaths. So it is necessary at first we take control of that.

Now counting to ten can also help you. As it delays whatever action we wanted to take. So we get some more time. That extra time helps us to calm down and think again about that action we want to take Or keep the words to ourselves. As you may know that, words are like bullets from a gun. Once it get out you cannot bring it back. They can also damage like a bullet. The only difference is that, bullets do physical harm, and words do critical mental damage.

That's why before spitting those unnecessary curses, or exaggerated sentences, count to ten and take a heavy breath.

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Write A Letter

Write a letter, not to anybody particularly. In this letter, pour out the anger that is burning your soul. Jot down every bit of darkness inside and express them through words. This will help to calm you down.

These words of hatred and rage that were eating the soul, it's time to ignite them. And make the paper burn to ashes. This is a part that you shouldn’t miss. That’s why I will advise you not to use digital means to write the letter. As it is too blunt to delete a digital file. After a click of some buttons and boom! It’s gone.

But when you write the letter on a real paper and ignite a fire to it, and when seeing the words of hate, burning. Peace and calmness come to your soul. The fire outside will blow out the fire inside. And cool breeze and sigh of relief will come home.

This is one of the best methods to try to engulf your rage into emptiness. After calming down think it through, and try to understand the situation. And then try to find out, if showing anger is a logical way to get out of the situation or if will it make it worse.

You’ll find out that, showing rage will only make the situation worse. You’ll find out that things can be hard sometimes, and make anyone lose control. And as you're a normal human being, it can happen to you.

But what makes a difference, is that moment of control. However, suppressing the rage will transform it to grudge. So pouring your heart out can be a crucial way to get over a hard time and stop it's metamorphosis.

Now you may ask, why write a letter, and not tell it to somebody or write those thoughts in a journal/diary? The answer is quite simple.

You can do that. But the problem here is, no matter how close buddies you are, telling someone your secret, is not a good idea. However, if that person really has a deep connection with you, then I guess it will be ok. But my recommendation is to always use, and write it to a loose page.

‘Ok, but why can’t I write in my journal?’ Actually, you can. However, not destroying means there is a copy left of your foolish moments. Don’t let anyone see those thoughts. As it can destroy relations. How?

Let’s say you are angry with your wife. And in that journal you’ve written mean things to her. Now what if she reads that? Things will get worse. Or you’ve written bad things about your boss, and somebody sees that and told that to him. So it is a better idea not to disclose those secrets of yours. Or having a constant fear of anybody finding out.

And let's be clear here. It doesn't mean if you write mean things about your wife, girlfriend, parents, or siblings, you don’t love them. Those words are not from your heart. They came from moments of foolishness. They are words you said when you were angry. I mean if you read that letter after a week, you might find those sentences to be foolish!

It is just a way to let the anger out of the way, so that no grudge is left in your heart. But what is left is only love for them.

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Meditate

Until this time, I was giving you advice that can help to control your rage momentarily. But that’s not enough. However, if you meditate on a daily basis, then it can help with anger issues. To give an analogy, until now you were getting allopathy medicine. Which can only cure the symptoms but not the disease. However, meditation is like Ayurveda medicine and will erase its roots.

Now then, how to meditate? Today there are many apps that can help you. Or if there is an Ashram or a meditation workshop you can certainly join there. Though the apps and YouTube videos can help you very much, it will be great if you get a Guru, who can teach.

And did I tell you that meditation will not only help you with controlling your anger, but also you will notice inner calmness and clarity! In a hectic modern lifestyle, we feed our materialistic needs or exercise to make our bodies fit. However, with meditation now you will make your mind and your will strong.

This is the exercise for soul. It can affect your life in a good way. As you see, why do people get angry or cannot control their lust or desire? The answer is simple, they don’t have a strong willpower to dominate their emotions. Rather they are dominated by them. But with meditation, you can make your willpower strong and mind calm. Thus this will allow you to have a holistic lifestyle.

That’s why let me emphasize another time, One should meditate. It’s not a choice but a necessity for a better and healthier time on earth.

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: See The Glass Half Full

This is such a cliché, isn’t it? Always interpreting dire circumstances with a positive outlook. Who follows this kind of advice is a nerd or a fool. I support that. Don’t every time look at everything through your happy lens! I mean yeah if you are a yogi or a sanyasi then you're not a fool, and certainly it can be good for you.

However the people like us, who live in this materialistic world, that’s not a good choice. However, don't get me wrong. I’m not advising you to wear gloomy lens either. When you face the sword of Damocles, it’s better to stay calm and think it through. Then to panic or hopping God will do something.

But that’s not the topic of this article. I just wants to say, don't look at everything with positivity. As you cannot deny the fact that the glass is also half empty. If you deny it, then it might do more harm than good.

So the best thing is to acknowledge the fact that there might be negative outcomes, and you are in a bad situation. But to stay calm and also not forget that the glass is also half full. And things might get worked out with a positive outcome.

You may be wondering how it can help you with anger issues. Certainly it can. You’ll develop a positive outlook and also learn to acknowledge the negativity. This will calm you down. And give an opportunity to find out that, 'maybe this is not a good time for me. And the Glass is now half empty. However I can do something about that, getting angry will do me no good. I've to act and make things right. At the same time, I can also see that the glass is half full, and this is a good thing, and I am grateful for that.'

Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Practice Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude is one of the best ways to control your morbid feelings and live a happy life. However, there is a catch, or I should say a problem.

The truth is humans have an unending hunger which is inextinguishable. So no matter how much one has, no matter if it is wealth, a good family, children or something else. We always crave more. That’s why practicing gratitude can help a lot to reinvent the things you have and to be able to relish them and relish moments of peace, without any craving.

However, if one notices the world around him, and finds him in a better place than most humans. He thanks God and then, if he starts to fear that what if he loses all these? So he starts to pray and pray, not for more but to keep what he has safe. He starts to fear God. Fear what if he loose all his possessions. Then I think, that is also as miserable as not being able to extinguish the flames of desire.

If one feels complacent and quits doing his duties, that is also a problem. Feeling complacent is a must. But if someone quit doing his karmas, he is also miserable. That’s why practice gratitude, but don’t use it as an excuse to get away with the obligations you have to society, family and to yourself.

Acknowledging the things that one has, will help to develop a holistic outlook of life. Everything depends on practice. So more you practice gratitude, it will become easier to see things from a positive perspective. And in the end, it will help not only to control your emotions. But it is also possible that you don’t feel angry at all, about the situations that might enraged your previous self.

So this was the article. If you have any doubts then don’t forget to comment. If this article was helpful then please share it with your family and friends. I hope we will meet again. Till then, Adieu.


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