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6 Tips To Overcome Her Rejection Like A Gentleman



6 Tips To Overcome Her Rejection Like A Gentleman
Overcome Rejection

Falling in love is easy, asking out is hard. And then if you get rejected, comes the super hard heartbreak. If you are reading this article, that means there is someone you loved. But that someone doesn't want to go into a relationship with you.


That girl you fell in love with may have turned down the proposal politely or she might have used hurtful words. Whatever the case is, read this article till the end, to know what you can do to get over this hardship.


You might have been building a castle in the air about what to do in the future with your beloved. Yet, it turns out that it was nothing but false hope. 


However, to soothe the pain let me share some tips that you can follow to overcome this sad state of heartbreak. I hope that after reading this article you'll feel motivated and reinvent the meaning of life.


Overcome Rejection By Writing Down A Letter


Writing a letter can be one of the best ways to overcome a rejection. No, I am not saying to write the letter to that girl, actually, the letter is for no one. It is a brilliant way to bring out the rage that is boiling inside. Don't hesitate, and say everything that is inside your head, say every bad word, curses that one can give, and jot down every bit of anger in that letter. 


After clearing up the wrath that was boiling in you like hot lava, you'll feel a bit calm. Take the paper and destroy it by burning it to ashes. 


This will help you to think clearly.


Overcome Rejection By Thinking It Through 


After calming down a bit, now sit down in a quiet place and think, if that is the only girl on the planet? And you will notice the mind will answer that there are many girls out there. Maybe God planned someone better for you than her!


Think if the relationship can really be successful. Try to understand her words, and replay the scenario in your head. And this time don't include emotions but use your logical mind. What she said when she rejected you. 


Was it an arrogant rejection? Or if you are too fast in approaching? If you waited a bit more before telling her about your feeling, would she accept then? Or was you too late? If there was a hesitation in her voice, maybe she wanted to accept the proposal but for some reason, she can't. This knowledge can help in future relationships. So don't let go of this experience in vain. 


Thinking about only oneself and getting angry is easy. But trying to figure out her problem, and her reason for refusal will give you a holistic view and calmness. Try to understand her position, and moving on will become easier. 


Overcome Rejection By Not Hesitating


Things will become less complicated and more simple if you share them with someone. But that someone has to be trustworthy. Anyone who won't make fun of this serious matter, or will not criticize but listen with open ears. 


Don't hesitate to tell a relative or a friend, and ask for support. This will help to solace the pain. However, I will suggest you find someone, who can listen to your heartbreak story with an open mindset. 


If there is no one like that, whom you can rely on, then as I said, write a letter and jot down the wrath, pain and sorrow. You can also share the story in the comment section of this post. However. please don't use any foul words. After getting recovered, edit the comment, and share your recovery story too!


Overcome Rejection By Getting Into Another Relationship


This might also help. Although I will suggest first taking some time before trying to get into another relationship. If there is someone whom you find attractive and thinks that she is also attracted to you. Then there is no crime in trying luck. 


Though, as I said, it is important, to first find out if the girl who rejected you has some reason behind doing so. I am not giving you false hope. But if you liked the girl, then isn't it better to first confirm her rejection? 


Although, I am not advising you to ask her again. But try to remember; if that girl's answer was arrogant or if she declined very gently. If her answer was arrogant then forget her, it is better to not get into a relationship with an arrogant girl. 


If her answer was gentle then there can be many reasons for that. She may think that you don't deserve her, she's already in a relationship, or she doesn't want to get into any relationship at the time etc. 


Or you may have asked her in the wrong place, and she answered 'no' out of shyness. 


The possibilities are endless. But if there is any possibility of getting along with her again, even after the rejection, then try that out. If there is none, then move on, and try another girl. 


Overcome Rejection By Going on a Short Trip 


If possible go somewhere else far from her memory. Experience a new place and new people. It can not only make you happier but also increase your chances of meeting someone new. 


So if you have the money and time it's better to leave home and go on a journey. And that journey needs not to be a far way from home. It can be inter-district or state. A new place is what you need. If there are relatives who live in another city, go and visit them. 


Or book a hotel and go to another state, explore the beauty. Become a wanderlust and forget the pain in the heart. 


Overcome Rejection By Channeling The Emotion In Work


I will not advise this tip if you cannot control your emotion. As you have to be careful when doing this. Don't make the girl your enemy, but have the emotion that is raging inside you to a work. 


Say to yourself, 'the girl rejected me? I will now work hard and make myself better, and so good that no girl can reject me. Have that pledge, use the emotional power not for ruining the will, but for building the will. 


So these were some tips that you can use to overcome her rejection. If the tips helped, don't forget to share them on your social handles. If there is something that you think I should have added, or if you have any questions, then don't feel shy and comment. 


Best of Luck!



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