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5 Crucial Skills That Will Make Your Life Easier

Skills To Make Your Life Easier

In this article, I will tell you about five skills that can make your life easier. So this blog can be a great way to find out some new skills that you can learn. I will convince you why these are essential.  So it is my suggestion, read this article till the end as it can be one of your crucial reads. 

Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Be a Better Cook


In our day-to-day life, we do things that are chores but doing them is necessary for our survival. They can save us or break us. One of these skills is to know how to cook.  If you live alone then you might have this knowledge already. If you don't and depended on somebody else for your food. Then I will suggest, please don't depend! Try to learn from them.

If you know how to cook then, try to gain some knowledge about this science. Yes, you heard it right. It's the science of mixing the right amount of spices with the right ingredients. Like in a chemistry lab; where we mix different types of elements to get the desired result.

Like in chemistry, we have to gain knowledge about the elements (in this case ingredients). So we can experiment with them. Food is an essential thing if you want to live a healthy and happy life. It can make your old age peaceful or painful.

So in my opinion, he is an intelligent person who tries to know about what he eats. Or what can be a healthy amount for him and what is not. He will put an effort to create a good diet plan.

Not only that, healthy and tasty food can uplift your mood. That's why in my view, those who already know to cook should experiment and put the effort into creating a diet plan. Those who don't have this skill should first learn it and then explore this science. Why learn? 

Someone is doing it for you today. But what is the guarantee that they will make your food for life? So it's better to learn and prepare for the rainy days.  This was the first skill that can make your life easier. Now let's move to the second one.     




Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Learn How to Type Fast


Although, you may argue that I don't use a computer often or I don't need to learn how to type fast. Though it might seem a cliché, but let me share the truth, the world is digital now. So isn't it better to have knowledge that can help you in the tech industry?  

If your job doesn't need you to work on a computer. Or even if you don't have a computer, then buy it, a laptop or PC. As this investment can help in many ways. If the budget is low then buy a chrome book, they are cheaper and faster. Though I'll preference is to buy a Windows laptop. (If you already have one, then that's great!)

However ,this question may come to you that you're investing so much money in something. But what are the benefits? Actually there are many!

For example, learning new things online is easier and cheaper than offline. You can buy a Udemy course and learn to code. They are astronomically cheaper if you compare them with any of their offline counterparts. So not only it'll save you money but it's possible that Udemy courses turns out to be better than an offline one. 

Not only coding there are other skills to learn too! Like leadership, product management, Microsoft Office, Copywriting etc.  Also, some sites, like Upgrade, and Open University,  offers you online UG, PG or diploma courses. So there are infinite possibilities in the world of internet. Doing the bachelor's degree from the comfort of home, is it possible offline!

Also having a laptop enables you to do freelancing and earn some side hustle money.  But you may now wonder, where typing comes into the picture. Typing will help you to take notes if you're learning a course (But I can have a physical notebook! Yes, you can do that, but digital is more compact, and convenient.)

That's not all, you can manage the monthly expenditure and budget in MS Excel, write your journal or have a blog. And with fast typing the process of doing them will also become fast!

If you work somewhere where you have to type things. Then why are you asking! You know how great it will be to have a 100WPM typing speed!

The conclusion is, that there are many benefits of having a good typing speed and a PC. You need to find your own then stop procrastinating and start improving.  So this was the second skill that can make your life easier. Let's move on to the third one. 




Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Practice Math


If you are a student then it is necessary to practice math, even in humanities. If you passed out and have a job which doesn't need doing complex calculations. Then also, I will suggest you to practice mathematics.  As this subject will not only help to build logical reasoning skills, but also it can help in many other ways.

For example, there is a calculation you have to do. Let's say it's a simple addition of two hundred fifty-nine plus, three hundred sixty-one.  If you bring out the calculator for this! Then not only people will judge but it will also cost more time. So it's better to have a brain which can do calculations itself fast and don't need a external device.

This skill will save you time and will work as a stimulus for the brain. However I'm not advising you to practice complex mathematical equations. But doing simple calculations can help to build brain muscles.

Everything needs practice. With time things will get easy and after sometime you'll notice that now you don't need a calculator every now and then.  If there are kids in your house, then help them with math, and it will benefit both. Don't depend on any apps for simple calculations. Do them yourself and then use the app to see if the calculation is right.  First, it may feel very hard, and a desire to give up may arise. Don't listen to that desire and improve, then the math will become easy.   




Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Work On Your Memory


This is a skill I despised in the past. I thought to myself in my most stupid moments that how remembering facts can be useful! We have the internet and with the type of some buttons, we can know anything. Information is now at our fingertips! 

I was wrong, and it's a very dangerous way of thinking. There is a big disadvantage if you depend on something. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking to learn every piece of information that is in this world. That is not possible. 

But with planned memorizing, remembering facts can be pretty Useful. It can help in, reasoning, understanding, learning skills, discovering and inventing new things, or creating art. Having an arsenal of information works as a creativity booster. 

How can it help in understanding, inventing and discovering? That's simple. By finding similarities or relations between pieces of information you have. In simple words, with information, you can connect the dots and find the solution or create something new. But if the info is not in your memory. You look on the internet every time to find the answer then it's a laborious task. 

For example, let's say there are some math problems to solve. And for solving every problem you have to look at the formulae chart in the book each time. Then it will be difficult to build intuition for that particular chapter and understand how to solve the questions. But by remembering the formulae you'll soon find patterns. Then things will become much easier and faster. 

If you notice I wouldn't be able to write this article without the information stored inside my head. I used that information, used reasoning to give it a shape and created this article. In this process, I myself find new info. Yes, it is also a benefit 0f writing. If you write or explain something to somebody, the brain starts to reason and might discover something new.

Before explaining furthermore, answer this question. What do you think, learning is? Don't skip this question and start reading the next lines. I want you to think hard about it. 

For me, learning is to develop a better intuition for something. When we learn something, the information goes to our subconscious brain. And with practice, we develop our intuition. The more we practice more robust our intuition becomes.

We develop a library of different patterns for something. So when we need we can recognize that pattern and use it to our advantage.  That's why playing games of luck can be hard if not impossible to learn.

As they often happen randomly and our human brain cannot take account of the infinite number of variables, that's why we fail to develop an intuition for them. But on the other hand, we can learn chess, as it's a logical game. In chess, you can remember the patterns and your chances of winning increase.   Watch This Video To Learn More

It is necessary to build your brain so that it can remember things much faster and more efficiently. To do that, you can practice memorizing facts, math formulae, or even your shopping list.  Don't depend on your smartphone too often and try to store information in the brain. So when needed, you can extract the relevant information from your subconscious mind instantaneously.


P.S. - You may find a contradiction between the two points. In practice fast typing, I said to use tech. But here I'm saying to avoid tech. So it might perplex you. However, everything will become clear after you notice the words more carefully. I said to avoid but not renounce the tech. Be more flexible and use technology but don't depend on it, but develop your skills too. I guess now it is clear.




Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Find Patterns


If you notice, everything happens for a reason. There are no incidents that are random, every action has a pattern. This universe is like a big puzzle to solve. The more you solve puzzles more you'll develop eyes to see them.

Even Chaos has a pattern. Yes, you might notice something like falling a leaf from the tree and think it is happening randomly. But there is a reason for every action. Our human mind just cannot comprehend them.

For example, when a leaf is falling from a tree can you guess where it will fall? No. As there are maybe hundreds of variables influencing it, like gravity and air. So it becomes impossible to predict how the leaf will react.  (Watch this video to understand the Butterfly effect and pattern of Chaos.) So for chaos you cannot see the pattern. But for other things, patterns are clear.

When you start to see these patterns, things will get clear. You'll start to get answers to deep questions about life. And more answers you get, life will become easier. These patterns can not only make the life easy but more bearable and even enjoyable. 

When your understanding of the world increase, you'll start to notice your philosophy of life. The philosophy which till this time you, were following unconsciously.  Yes, we all have our own philosophies which we may or ,may not notice, but they are always there. They guide us or destroy us.  

But after the realization and discovery, editing begins. Without knowing that something exists, it is difficult to improve it. Yes, improving the philosophy can be done unconsciously. But having the control to change it consciously is an advantage. 

I highly suggest that you notice how in different situations you react. And then try to understand your actions before doing them on autopilot. Then make changes in the code written in the subconscious as the situation demands.

But please don't only notice your behavioural patterns, but figure out how the world works. Gain knowledge from your experiences as well as be a vicarious learner.

What are the benefits of developing this skill? For example, let's say you notice that every depressing state has an ending. You will discover this fact by experiencing as well as observing.  So when the good days come, you will know they are not permanent. You can enjoy those palmy days but also prepare for the bad ones. When the night comes, you'll know there will be dawn. This will help you to stay calm, and persistent and fight the situation with might. Then the process will continue like that.

So this was the article. I hope it helped you to find Skills that you can learn to make your life easier. Don't forget to mention if you have any doubts. Please share and help the world to become wiser. Thank you.    



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