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Sitting in my chair,  My life Is bland. The mental breakdown is near Then I saw the face of my son. Pillow between us for years, For once, she doesn't think about my needs But I should think about hers, As she's the one who every month b leeds. And I'm an husband, A man should be strong and shall not cry, Though I'm not planning to as my eyes went dry. Once there was love  When she used to call me dear, But now there is no trust, Only an agreement and fear, What will happen to them? So we are just left with blame. For me weekends were good But now those are unbearable, As she is always rude. Mon-Fri is also no good. I don’t blame her for anything though. Yes, she blames me, And in anger, I call her hoe. But not from my heart, As believe it or not I still love her. That’s why we are not apart.  Does she love me? Maybe, as she also bearing me. But I really don’t know. Once we both had dreams, I wanted a post of power, She wanted to become an actress These days we only bri

Grim Reaper

  A frail body sitting in front of me, In her dried eyes there's a craving of crying. Her morbid face, facing the bed, Which is dead soak from red droplets of sorrow. A poignant scent is everywhere, It's the scent of her melancholy, Which the room has borrowed. But in all her misery There's a hint of smile, Maybe it's a joy of winning, When the bullet took her life. Then she went on the journey To reconcile with the eternal soul. She adieu everybody, To be happy evermore.

6 Practical Tips To Control Your Anger

6 Practical Tips To Control Your Anger  Anger is something that can make your life a living hell. It is not only harmful to your mental and physical health, but also to the others who live around you. So if you know how to control anger, it is quite a good skill. In this blog post, I'm going to share 6 tips to control your anger. Of which, the can use three on the spot. The other three are aimed to provide a complete solution. I intentionally only included a few tips. As I think they are enough, and after following them I am quite sure that controlling your rage will become easier . So I felt, there is no need for extra suggestions to include. Now, without wasting any more time, let's see the 6 practical tips to control your anger. Practical Tips To Control Your Anger: Think Before You Do It's hard to make a relationship strong. It may take years and decades. But to break it, we only need some moments of temper and wrong actions. So thinking before speaking or taking a w

Burning Soul

How often do you think about your dream? I feel them, live them many times, They flow in my mind like a flood's disastrous stream. Though I only got failures and grim.  But that burning desire in my heart, Wrecking my soul, And reaping me apart.  I want to be free of this misery, And give up my hopes to my destiny. But no! Not after coming this far. With audacity I will scream  Towards that pitch black body afar, Which is an unending dark and morbid tunnel. And I won't give in at least not before my funeral.  I'll declare to that darkness, 'No matter how evil and cruel you are! I'll fulfill my dream, Build on the graveyard Of my unfulfilled yearnings.' I know in this path, Awaits nothing but suffering and pain. For my insolence Of a wish to gain, Freedom, From desire's mammoth kingdom. I wants to change my unwanted destiny, As I don't want to be  Only a diminutive part of this society. But like a fugitive in the Rat world, I have to endure many arrows Fr

5 Crucial Skills That Will Make Your Life Easier

Skills To Make Your Life Easier In this article, I will tell you about five skills that can make your life easier. So this blog can be a great way to find out some new skills that you can learn. I will convince you why these are essential.  So it is my suggestion, read this article till the end as it can be one of your crucial reads.  Skill That Will Make Life Easier : Be a Better Cook   In our day-to-day life, we do things that are chores but doing them is necessary for our survival. They can save us or break us. One of these skills is to know how to cook.  If you live alone then you might have this knowledge already. If you don't and depended on somebody else for your food. Then I will suggest, please don't depend! Try to learn from them. If you know how to cook then, try to gain some knowledge about this science. Yes, you heard it right. It's the science of mixing the right amount of spices with the right ingredients. Like in a chemistry lab; where we mix different types